Located next to Yarkon Springs National Park in Petach Tikva

Olive Tree
The Baptist Village is a beautiful and relaxing place. There is truly nothing like it in all of Israel. The Baptist Village is available year 'round for conferences, meetings, retreats, picnics, camps, concerts, seminars, and sports. Our facilities include both cabins and dorm rooms, each with their own bathroom, and approximately 250 available beds. Stop by and walk around this beautiful spot located in the heart of Israel. When in season, pick an orange from one of our orange trees or relax by the pool. In December 2007, we received a donation of a special olive tree. We have now completed the landscaping around it. It is over 700 years old and weighs approximately 6,000 pounds! It has become a signature landmark here at the Village. The Baptist Village is busy, so try to book your event at least six months in advance. Reservations can be made by telephone, fax, or email. To contact us, go to the "Contact" page, or click here.

Camp time is the best time at the Baptist Village

Our busy summer camping season is underway, but we are also now holding camps during the rest of the year as well. Our camps are for kids of all ages without regard to race or background. Every year youth from all over Israel come and enjoy a quality program of teaching, recreation, games, and fellowship. There are many things prepared to make it a interesting as well as active time for everyone. Your child is sure to love all the many events planned for the season at the Baptist Village in 2010. Camps normally need to be booked 1 year in advance, so make your reservation now. We can provide you with the contact information if you are interested in "camp time". To contact us, go to the "Contact" page, or click here.

Sports for all ages at the Baptist Village In 2011!

The Baptist Village hosts many sports-related activities each year. The Baptist Village plans to host many other events in 2011 as we continue to bring you the best sports programs in Israel. The Baptist Village brings hardball and softball games to life with the best fields in all of Israel. 2011 promises to be the best year yet as we look to expand into other sports opportunities. You don't want to miss all the sports action at the Village in 2011! For additional information, go to the "Contact" page, or click here.


The Baptist Village can host your meeting, concerts, conferences, and special events

The Baptist Village has several locations on the campus that can economically host any kind of meeting, conference, concert, or special event...large and small. The Lindsay room is the perfect spot for small meetings of up to 15-20 people. The Fireside Room can comfortably sit 80-100 people. Bethel Chapel can be used for any meeting, conference, seminar, or event up to 150 people. All of these meeting rooms have heating and air-conditioning. We also have three large open fields where you can have concerts, picnics, and many other events.....for 100's of people! The Baptist Village has hosted countless events over the past 50+ years and have a lot of experience that can help you set events up with your group. Everything from bell choirs to plays, to concerts, and more. For additional information, go to the "Contact" page, or click here.

The beautiful grounds at the Baptist Village are just the spot for seminars and education

The Baptist Village hosts many different seminars and education classes every year with a very broad range of topics from language learning and youth conferences, to business seminars. In addition to meetings, conferences, and special events, the Baptist Village can host seminars and education sessions from less than 20 to up to 150 people. In addition to the aforementioned rooms, there are rooms like the East and West duplex and the Murphy Library that are equally as nice if all other areas are already booked. You can get more information on room availability by going to our "Contact" page, or click here and we will give you a quick response. Don't wait too long to book your event.


Additional activities are held for those who are looking for a church home

If you are looking for a church home, come to the Baptist Village. Bethel Chapel, located on the Village grounds, is home for two church congregations. All Nations Church (English speaking) meets every Saturday (Shabbat) morning. Their website address is http://blog.tapuz.co.il/baptistchurch. The Light of Life (Russian-speaking) church meets every Wednesday and Friday night and has special times for youth as well. Their website address is http://www.lightoflife.co.il. If you need additional information concerning service times, etc., go to their websites or click here. We'll be happy to put you in touch with the right people.

The Baptist Village
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